3K3 Consulting is a data, change and IT project management consultancy with services geared towards adding value to individuals and establishments looking to transform their business with information and technology. We are dedicated to using innovative and sustanable approaches to give our clients an edge in their industry while delivering a prompt and reliable service.


Data Services & Advice


Business Intelligence Service​s


Business Models & Target Operating Model


Business Analysis and Process Improvement​


Business Analysis and Process Improvement​

services (On-Demand)

Get highly relevant skills to transform your current working ways to one of the most demanded and value adding capabilities for your business or employer. Check out our on-demand training service for everyone.


Process Improvement Consultancy

Sit back while we take an agile approach to improve or re-engineer your business processes to get things working at optimum levels.

Data & BI Personal Training

We can help you understand how to get one version of the truth with best practices of discovery, cleansing, transformation, and visualisation of your data. Making you to analyse and manage data as an asset!

Team or group Data Personal Training

We can help teams or a group of like minded leaders and stakeholders aware of great potentials, best practices and approaches to managing and adding value with their data assets.

Target Operating Model (TOM) Training

We can help like minded leaders and stakeholders to align with your organisations strategic journey by emphasising on all the key value increasing elements and models to enable you accurately achieve competitive advantages and overall business success.

Office Hardware Supplies

Looking for beautiful, functional office supplies? Our product will add that level of comfort into your work space that you have been missing.