About 3K3

3K3 Consulting is a data, change and IT project management consultancy based in London. We specialise in digital transformation projects across all sectors and enable our clients to adapt to change and still derive the most value from their technological and resource investments. We have over 10 years of project experience and still emphasising on the value increasing assets and areas that benefit Infrastructure, Human Capital Improvement, and Content Development. 

Consulting Services

We render IT advisory services that help individuals and organisations (Private & Public Sector) reap the most benefits from utilising a wide range of technologies to help our client’s to leverage on their current investments and operations with the delivery of immense business value.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with insights and best practises backed by technical skills in IT strategy, systems and project services implementation of various scales. Based on your business, data and strategy requirements, 3k3 consulting services help clients with the suited solutions at any stage of their transformation journey to execute strategies optimally and efficiently with the right approach, methods, systems, people. 


Boot camp & Training

We offer hands-on training sessions for any individuals and organisations (Private & Public Sector) in a key role looking to reap the most benefits from utilising a wide range of technologies to help and to develop their technical & management competencies further with high-performing business and IT functions.

Explore our digital transformation training options and guides to help organisations and people to increase their competences.