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About US

3K3 UK Limited is a data, change and IT project management consultancy based in London. We specialize in digital transformation to all sectors and enable our clients to derive the most value from their technological and resource-based investments by emphasizing on Infrastructure, Human Capital Improvement, and content development.
Find out how to get more out of your data, processes, content, technology, and stakeholders (particularly employees) required to add value to your organisation. 3K3 Consulting team are ready to contribute to your transformation journey.



Get expert help and advice on data analysis and business intelligence to reap the most value out of your data assets and support your goals. Our services include strategic insights, analytic reports, artefacts, data lifecycle mapping, data tools and so much more logical approaches to enable better business and technological outcomes.


Turn business visions into reality from a strategic viewpoint to help you stay ahead of the curve with a logical approach to people, processes and technology. Ensure business success by applying your vision or corporate strategy to business operations in order to gain competitive advantage with a Target Operating Model (TOM).  


Our specialists can capture and analyse your business processes or re-engineer existing ones with industry-standard tools & methodologies (BPMN 2.0). Get visual models of your business process and receive value-adding recommendations.



Whether you are a subject matter expert, leading individual, small start up, a reputable firm or establishment, our specialists are ready to help you get the most benefit from your investments in information technology.


Our Process

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